Our Philosophy

Many customers come into Rosalie Apothecary seeking advice for their health concerns.  In many cases we are able to give successful on-the-spot advice, but often we find that our customers have conditions and questions that are too complex to accurately understand or address in just the brief minutes we have together.  After observing this frequent scenario for the past couple of years, we have decided  to offer to our customers the option of a more in-depth consultation in order to more fully recognize the roots of their dis-ease in hopes to develop long-lasting results together.

We believe that each individual has the inherent capacity to heal themselves and we encourage all of our clients to take their health into their own hands as much as possible.  We are not here to ‘heal’ anyone; we are simply healing mentors and partners in your healing journey.  We are here to listen to the plants and people and help bring them together, while giving our clients new tools and a loving outside perspective.

We seek to provide accessible, inclusive health and wellness consultations for our beloved New Orleans community.  In an effort to do so, we offer our regular rates as well as sliding scale options.  We ask that those who can afford to do so, pay full price in order allow us to continue offering services to those with fewer financial resources.  To determine your consultation rate, please fill out our Income Analysis Form. If you feel that it does not accurately portray an accurate picture of your situation, please use the form to elaborate.

Consultation Offerings:

  • Sliding Scale Consultation Packages
    • Short-term Therapeutic Package: $110-150
      • One 1.5 - 2hr consultation
      • One 45min follow up consultation
      • Herbal and lifestyle recommendations and recommended protocol
      • Phone and email support in between consultations
      • Additional follow-ups can be added at $35 each
    • Long-term Therapeutic Package: $140-180
      • One 1.5-2hr consultation
      • Two 45min follow up consultations
      • Herbal and lifestyle recommendations and recommended protocol
      • Phone and email support in between consultations
      • Additional follow-ups can be added for $35 each
  • Reduced Rate Consultations
    • $30-60 suggested sliding scale, 1hr consultation
      • Includes brief follow-up conversation + herbal and lifestyle recommendations
      • We are currently only able to allocate one slot a month for this package, so please respect the income guidelines so we can offer this service to folks who truly need it.
  • Alternative Options
    • $30 One-time acute visit for 20 minutes + brief follow-up $30


What to expect

  • Each client will fill out the intake and income analysis forms to help us get an idea of the health concerns and financial capacity of the individual in order to determine the best package option and medical approach.
  • The client will receive the allotted 1.5 - 2 hour consultation, which will consist of reviewing the intake form together and having a conversation to get further details and clarification of the situation and come up with a protocol for dietary, lifestyle and herbal suggestions that the client feels comfortable with.
  • Each practitioner will employ their respective expertise to further analyze the personal constitution, body and personality type of the individual, which may consist of techniques such as pulse and tongue review, analysis of the natal chart, or other methods of reading the condition of the individual.  The practitioner will always discuss and obtain permission to perform these analyses with the client first.  
  • We do our best to create guidelines that meet our clients where they are at without introducing overly complicated protocols to follow or unrealistic goals.  We believe in harm reduction and trying to implement lifestyle modifications that ease people into a healthier version of themselves.

Payment Plans

We offer packages because we want to ensure adequate time and care is given for each case.  This is why we include secondary follow-up consultations in the packages.  We realize that in some cases it may not be possible for the client to pay the full cost up front: for this reason, we offer payment plans with scheduled payments to keep our packages financially accessible.


**Disclaimer: As clinical herbalists we legally cannot and do not prescribe, treat or diagnose.  What we can do is make suggestions based on our education and experience that we believe could be helpful to our clients.  Our clinical consultations are all about listening and sharing knowledge while remaining humble and empathetic, and we strive to work from our hearts and not just our heads.  Rosalie Apothecary is a feminist, pro-queer and anti-racist space and we will not discriminate based on ANY identifying factors of our clients, extending our services with complete respect to every being that walks through the door.


Rosalie Apothecary is a celebration of all things natural!


(504) 488-4425

3201 Toulouse Street
New Orleans, LA

Everyday 10am - 6pm


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